Controlling cost, adding value

In major construction and engineering projects accurate Cost Management is an absolute necessity.
Around the whole Country MCM has been providing this service for some of the most complex and challenging projects where we have helped to deliver successful and consistent solutions for our clients.
Our services cover every aspect of cost, contract and procurement management, not just during development and construction but also throughout the life cycle of our client’s property and engineering assets.
We offer expert analysis and advice, identifying and managing risk to ensure that you gain maximum value from your investment.
Thanks to its own software tools MCM can certainly provide better cost solutions earlier in the concept, feasibility and design stages.
We can quickly and efficiently help to establish a robust and meaningful budget, supported by a system generated client brief that can easily be questioned and validated by the client’s team.
Our objective is to act as cost controllers at each stage of the project to ensure that financial restraints do not compromise the intended design.
The process also supports and improves the results from traditional value management, value engineering and risk management workshops and studies.
Because of MCM’s broad sector experience, we have access to comparable schemes to benchmark against.
This can highlight opportunities from an early stage and provide reassurance that a project is performing well against similar schemes.
We also maintain a collection of real data that can be used for any project.

  • Benchmarking
  • Cost Control
  • Cost Planning
  • Procurement Advice
  • Whole Life Costing