Creating cutting edge facilities with good investment value
to provide the development platform for sustainable communities

The planet is a big place. We make sense of it by exploring, by working out what goes where, seeing what fits in and moving ourselves around it. These are important issues, with responsibilities to match.
All successful processes and structures rely on sound supporting frameworks. They hold everything together and enable them to work.
At MCM we know that our surroundings influence the quality of our lives – not just buildings, but also roads, railways, airports and services – and we have solid experience of infrastructure solutions that bring together good design and good value, providing the development platform for sustainable communities.
A key point of difference is our ability to offer an integrated service, backed by business acumen and delivered by in-house professionals who are skilled in process engineering and design management.
In all industrial sectors, MCM focuses on the development and delivery of engineering, procurement and construction projects.

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Power generation
  • Oil & gas industry
  • Telecommunications
  • Transport and infrastructure
  • Warehousing