September 2015

Kryalos SGR.

MCM open the site works at Via Santa Margherita 12-14 and Piazza Cordusio 3, Milan for two of the most relevant office and residential developments in town commissioned by Kryalos SGR.
MCM play the role of Project and Cost Managers on the total 22,5 million plus Euro refurbishing works managing the complete demolition and reconstruction.
Kryalos provides real-estate advisory and asset management services to meet the requirements of institutional clients. Thanks to a consolidated network and a diversified property portfolio under management, Kryalos is able to leverage the best opportunities that arise from the Italian real estate market.
The Santa Margherita 12-14 property located in Milan city center, with its own 16 apartments, 4 office units and one important multi-level retail space at the ground and mezzanine floors will be completed by mid-2017.
The Piazza Cordusio 3 building, also located a short step from Duomo cathedral, will be completed by the end of 2017 as a multi-tenant office property and one huge retail unit overlooking the square.
The total 22,500 sqm assets are an investment of the Pacific 1 fund, having Blackstone as investor.
Asti Architetti designed both the refurbishments.

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